The Casumo Super Snowball Is Coming to an End

The Casumo Super Snowball Is Coming to an End

It was a great time for all Casumo players, but unfortunately the Super Snowball campaign is finally coming to a close. Over the last 50 days, all players of the site received some fantastic presents. Every player was able to find a wooden prize chest in his account every day that contained a small prize such as free spins for a specific slot or a deposit bonus. In addition, Casumo also handed out seven truly amazing main prizes that were sure to make this Christmas a truly special one for each of their lucky winners.

One of the main prizes is actually still available, and it’s a good one: £10,000 in cash! The draw for the last prize will be held on Monday, the 15th of January. If you haven’t managed to collect four snowballs last week, then unfortunately it is too late for you to take part in the draw. However, in case you do have four snowballs, then we wish you the best of luck! Maybe you can finish the Casumo Super Snowball with a bang!

In case you missed the last seven weeks on Casumo, here is a quick recap of what the Super Snowball campaign was all about:

From 27th November 2017 to 16th January 2018, the Super Snowball was running on Casumo. During this time, all of the players on the site received a wooden prize chest each day. These chests contained small prizes such as free spins for specific slots or a deposit bonus.

In addition to the small daily prizes, Casumo also awarded one truly fantastic main prize every week. From cash prizes of £10,000 to a safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar and a motorbike by Harley Davidson, each of the prizes was sure to put a big smile on the lucky winner’s face.

Casumo Super Snowball Prices

In order to take part in the draws for the main prizes, the players had to collect four snowballs in each week. The snowballs could be found in upgraded prize chests that the players could unlock by making deposits into their Casumo accounts. As they were able to use the deposited money to play all of their favourite titles on the site, participation in the draws was basically free. What that meant was that there really were only winners with the Casumo Super Snowball!

Overall, the Super Snowball definitely was a big success and a very special time for all Casumo players. We’re not sure yet what the site has in store for next Christmas, but it’s safe to say that it will be something very special again.

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UNILAD LIVE Snowball Event

In order to end the Super Snowball in an appropriate fashion, Casumo together with UNILAD hosted a Facebook Live Event on the 6th of January. The “super cool” Thomas Gray hosted the event and did a fantastic job.

But what actually happened? Well, in line with the Super Snowball theme, the crew melted a giant snowball during the event that contained a number of great prices. These were then awarded to random Casumo players. Ok, technically it was a giant ice ball and in the end, it wasn’t melted but instead they cracked a big hole into it. But what counts is that the presents were very real and that the lads from UNILAD together with Casumo provided a big surprise to end the Super Snowball in style.

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Promoted Reel Races This Week

Each week, experiences Casumo players eagerly await the list of the Promoted Reel Races. Unfortunately, this list is rather short this week with only 2 Promoted Reel Races. However, considering the great prizes of the Casumo Super Snowball, we’re sure you’ll forgive the site for the small number. And after all, there is a still a Reel Race Main Event playing out every day.

Crystal Queen - Quickspin

In case none of this made any sense to you, then here is a short explanation of what the whole thing is about: Every 30 minutes, Casumo is hosting a so-called Reel Race. Here, a random slot is selected and after the race starts, all players on the site have 30 minutes to win as much money as possible at that slot. The player with the most winnings at the end of the race wins a price such as free spins for certain slots.

In addition to the normal Reel Races, the site is hosting a Reel Race Main Event every day. These award much bigger prizes, namely a whopping £1,000 in cash. As if that wasn’t enough, Casumo also hosts the so-called Promoted Reel Races, where players can win £2,000 or even more.

Here is an overview of next week’s Promoted Reel Races:

When: Friday 19th of January
Time: 20:00 CET
Game: Crystal Queen – Quickspin
Prize: €/£ 2000 for the winner

When:  Saturday 20th of January
Time: 20:00 CET
Game: Crystal Queen – Quickspin
Prize: €/£ 2000 for the winner

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New games on Casumo

I order to avoid even hardcore Casumo players to ever get bored, the site adds new games to its already extensive selection on a weekly basis. Just like with the Reel Races, the list this week is rather short, which is definitely connected to the end of the Super Snowball. Nonetheless, both titles are great games that will surely bring a lot of fun to the players.

Here are some details about both games:

Pumpkin Smash - Yggdrasil

Pumpkin Smash  | Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil Gaming is a producer of video slots and casino games that is based in Malta. Pumpkin Smash is one of the company’s newest titles and is themed around the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”. The reels are located between two stone columns and the background is a cemetery at night.

As dark as this may sound, Pumpkin Smash is an extremely entertaining and profitable slot that offers great opportunities to beginners and high rollers alike. There are 20 pay lines, a jackpot with 1000 coins and an RTP of 96.2%.

The bonus symbol is obviously a pumpkin and as soon as the player collects 2 or more of them, the game’s bonus feature is triggered.

Here is an overview of the game’s features:

Paylines:                                  20

Reels:                                        5

Min coin denomination:       0.005

Max coin denomination:      5

Jackpot:                                   1000

RTP:                                          96.2%


Deco Diamonds  | JFTW

Just For The Win Game Development AB is a relatively new player on the video slot market. JTFW has only been active since 2016, however they have already published some absolute gems. The newest of those is Deco Diamonds, which is sure to become a favourite among players!

With 5 reels and 9 paylines, Deco Diamonds offers players the opportunity of making a big score. The slot’s high variance might not be suitable for beginners, but high rollers will definitely get their money’s worth here. The maximum win with Deco Diamonds is an astonishing 2,323x the initial bet. That means if you bet £50, you can win an incredible £116,175! Not too shabby, is it?  

Paylines:                                  9

Reels:                                       5

Min coin denomination:       0.1

Max coin denomination:      50

Jackpot:                                  No

RTP:                                         96.02%

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