Slot Review: Viking Runecraft

Slot Review: Viking Runecraft

Wow! We’ve played a lot of slots in our lives, but Viking Runecraft is something truly special. The new smash hit from Play’n GO doesn’t really feel like a slot, but rather a video game. And that’s not just because of the fantastic graphics and great effects. The entire playing experience is different than what classic video slots like Book of Dead or Cleopatra have to offer.

The first glance at the reels makes this very clear. Instead of the standard reel layout of 5 reels and 3 rows, Viking Runecraft offers a square playing surface with 49 slots that the symbols fall into from the top – pretty similar to popular mobile games like Candy Crush. Another great feature about the game: every time there is a winning combination, the respective symbols are destroyed and new ones fall into their places. This creates streaks that can rack up some serious wins.

The crazy layout isn’t the only special thing about Viking Runecraft however. There are a number of bonus features, a level system where players can move up while playing longer sessions, and various other features that reward players who stick it out for the long haul instead of only playing for a few minutes.

In case you’ve somehow missed this fantastic slot, you should change that as soon as possible. The game is available on Casumo and can be played for free or for real money.


Theme and symbols of the slot

The theme of the game is (surprise, surprise) settled in the world of Vikings. Naturally, all of the symbols match the theme perfectly. There is an amulet that pays between 1 and 80 coins, a war axe with between 1.5 and 100 coins, a Viking helmet with between 2.5 and 250 coins and a war hammer with a whopping 5 to 1000 coins for a winning combination. As you can see, the standard payouts of the game are already very generous. However, the real money awaits in the bonus rounds.

Viking Runecraft Payouts

The graphics of the game are among the best we’ve ever seen in a video slot. The symbols are beautifully made and the game offers tons of stunning animations that underline the theme perfectly. The only drawback is that the symbols look a bit to similar, which sometimes makes it hard for players to spot the winning combinations on the reels. However, since everything is automatic, there is no chance that you will ever miss a win because of this.


Bonus features of Viking Runecraft

Ok, where do we start? The list of bonus features in Viking Runecraft is almos endless.

First of all, after every spin without a winning combination, there is a chance that one of four random features is activated and creates a little surprise for the player. These features come in the form of various Viking gods. Thor let’s a lightning strike the reels, creating up to 9 wild symbols. Odin makes four pairs of wild symbols appear on the reels. Freya creates wilds in four areas of the screen until at least one winning combination is created. And Heimdall creates at least one wild in every row.

Viking Runecraft Gift of the Gods

In addition, Viking Runecraft contains a level system. If the player keeps spinning the reels for a longer time, he can level up by unlocking certain patterns on the screen with his winning combinations. Every time a new level is reached, one of the four gods is activated.

The next feature is called Runes of Valhalla. Every time the player creates a combination with one of the runes, this rune is activated in the upper left corner of the screen. As soon as all runes are activated, the bonus game is triggered and a special wheel appears on the screen, rewarding the player with a random bonus.

Viking Runecraft Runes of Valhalla

Then there is another feature which is called Charge of Destruction. In the lower left corner of the screen, there is a meter that keeps filling up every time a winning combination is created with runes. As soon as the meter is full, one of four random features is triggered. Fury of the Fenrir selects four diagonal lines of symbols. Two of them are then removed and the others are transformed into the same symbol. In Judgement of Jörmungandr, a chain of symbols is selected on the screen. Most of them are destroyed, but some are transformed into the same symbol. In Scorching of Surtr, three different symbols are selected. The surrounding symbols are then destroyed and the selected symbols are duplicated. In Lure of Loki, all of two different symbols are selected. One group is then destroyed and the other is transformed into the same symbol.

Viking Runecraft Charge of Destruction

However, there is even more. The feature Ragnarök is triggered when a player wins on 20 additional symbols after triggering the Charge of Destruction feature. Once this happens, all wins during the feature are multiplied by a factor of up to 15x. If the player doesn’t create any wins during the first round, a Charge of Destruction feature is triggered to ensure he does.

Alright, now you have a good idea of how complex Viking Runecraft is. All of these features make for a very fun and entertaining playing experience that will leave you spinning the reels for hours on end.


Viking Runecraft: Betting options and ways to win

The betting options in Viking Runecraft offer something for everyone. Beginning players can use the minimum bet of $/€/£ 0.10 to learn the mechanics of the game before wagering too much money. High rollers on the other hand will love the maximum bet of $/€/£ 100 per spin, which ensures they can gamble their heart out in this one.


Summary  Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft from Play’n GO is a truly special game that doesn’t feel like a video slot, but rather like a video game. The huge amount of bonus features creates a very entertaining playing experience and ensures that players always discover something new.

The graphics and animations are top notch and the theme is beautifully made. Even though the symbols look a bit similar and can sometimes be a little bit confusing, this isn’t really a problem since all wins are credited to the player automatically anyway.


Game data

Who is the Software Provider: Play’n GO

Game Features: Wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus features

Number of Reels: 7

Min bet size: $/€/£ 0.10

Max bet size: $/€/£ 100

RTP: 96.7%


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