All of our partners and affiliates provide information on responsible gambling and help to ensure that each and every player has a positive experience and avoids any problems directly related to online gambling activities. While playing casino games online is meant to be a form of entertainment, it can become addicting and this can lead to many personal and professional issues for players. Here, we cover the steps taken to ensure that every player is a responsible one and also offer information on how to get help if a gambling problem is detected.

Warning Signs

There are many indicators that can become present when one is developing a gambling problem or battling a gambling addiction. By answering the following questions, players can determine if they may need assistance with their gambling habits.

  • Do you gamble to escape trouble or worry?
  • Is gambling online done to solve financial problems?
  • Are you unable to stop whether you win or lose?
  • Do you gamble your entire bankroll and spend even more?
  • Has your job, family or friends been neglected because of gambling?
  • Do you use other funds to gamble with?

If the answer is yes to multiple questions, it is possible a gambling problem is on hand. There are many ways to get help, both from independent organisations as well as the individual casino that is being accessed. The first step is to recognise the problem and then address it appropriately.

Self Exclusion and Limits at Casino Sites

One way to limit what is spent gambling online is to opt for self-exclusion. This is a process that will temporarily suspend an account so that no additional gambling can take place. There are different times available and players will have the ability to reopen their account when they feel they have a better control over their spending habits.

Most online casinos will also allow players to set limits on the amount that is deposited daily, weekly or monthly. This is a great way to manage accounts and ensure that no overspending is taking place. The limits can be changed by the player and one can also ask for assistance from the site in setting limits. In addition to monetary limits, many sites will also be able to limit the amount of time that is spent accessing real money games, which is also a great way to take back control and make sure gambling is done for entertainment, not to feed an addiction.

+18Underage Gambling

Online casinos, like Casumo, that are licensed and have a positive reputation will prohibit any underage gambling activities. Each member that creates an account will have to verify their identity and the casino will make sure that player is of legal gambling age. The age can vary per country as well as per site, depending on where it is operating and where it is licensed.

Online casinos take this issue very seriously as it is a criminal act for any underage person to engage in gambling actions. With the rise of online casinos, it is easy to access real money games, so to ensure responsible gambling and to protect minors, sites enforce a gambling age for all players.

Finding Help

If players feel they have a problem, they can often access the Help section of an online casino to find where they can receive assistance. Most casinos are associated with organizations that promote responsible gambling and these can offer counselling and other services that can address gambling addictions and problems.

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