How does a Random Number Generator work?

Computers are used to generate random numbers for many reasons including gambling, cryptography and video games. Randomness can be classified as either true or pseudorandom. The difference between the two can be crucial as it sometimes determines the security of encryption systems, which is key in any casino business.

The use of random numbers

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nummerRandom numbers have been utilised for several things over the years . Whether you are flipping a coin or using a computerised generator you’re trying to create chance – in both cases the goal is to generate a result that is impossible or at the very least extremely difficult to anticipate due to its randomness.

These random numbers play different roles. Randomness is crucial in cryptography in a different way than the random generation of numbers for a computer game. In the first case, the numbers generated should be such that no person can successfully guess what they are. They are meant to be used for security purposes. In the second case the numbers are meant to create to fair gaming environment.

True random numbers

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Many people wonder how it’s possible for computers to generate random numbers. The question usually is whether a computer program that can be predictable determines the phenomenon. Luckily, the numbers likely to be generated can be classified either as true or pseudorandom.

For true random numbers to be generated the computer creates a true scenario that is likely to occur outside the computer. A good example is one where the computer could decide to measure the radioactive decay of an atom. Since it is impossible to tell for sure the amount of radioactive decay likely to occur, this creates a scenario of pure randomness. There is no way a hacker will be able to guess exactly when radioactive decay is likely to occur thus making it impossible to break in.

Pseudo random numbers

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Pseudo randomness is an alternative for generating true random numbers. The computer could use seed value and algorithms to try to generate numbers that seem random. The only difference in this case is that these statistics are in fact predictable to some extent. The computer uses no outside seed values to generate the numbers.

This is not bad for all situations. For example in the case of playing games it is irrelevant if the numbers generated when the game is ongoing are true or pseudo. However, if the system you are using needs to be encrypted then you have no choice but to use true random number generation to avoid attackers from guessing the numbers right. After all, you do not want your encryption to be broken as this exposes your internet vulnerability in a manner you do not want.

Intel chips have been brought forward to help game developers and other type of developers to generate random secure numbers for their clients. After all, it is very important for both client and player to feel secure when playing online. It may not seem important for players, but randomising numbers is very crucial to guarantee online gaming safety. You are definitely going to appreciate the use of random numbers more if you take the time to get to know them.

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