Ramses Book slot by Bally Wulff

Ramses Book Slot Review

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Many gaming developers in the casino industry specialize in creating slots with some mythical features. This trend seems to be on the rise and does not look like it will fade any time soon. One slot that is hard to miss is the Ramses Book slot which is centered on Egyptian history.

Slot Theme

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The slot, as mentioned earlier is based on Ancient Egyptian mythology. The game slot was developed by Bally Wulff, on the basis of the book that goes by the same name. The aim of the game is to collect as much of the ancient treasure that belonged to the Pharaoh Ramses. The treasure is located in the pyramid wall with additional symbols that are set to make your fantasies run wild.

Slot Features

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The game is made up of five reels and ten paylines. The game has both an auto spin button and a normal button spin. The auto spin allows the player to play without making any intervention.

Bet Lines

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The slot has one of the widest ranges of any slot machines. It offers a maximum of 10.00 up from 0.05. If the player is feeling lucky, they have a chance of getting 20 free unpaid spins with a condition that they give up all their wins at a particular game. This gamble and unpaid spin option is one of the most outstanding features in this game that can allow a player to earn up to 2,000. That of course will only happen if the player gets the Pharaoh on all five reels at once.


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Players can get a reward of up to one thousand times their points if they land the correct symbols. If players can correctly predict the next card in the game, they get their points doubled. The game has a scatter symbol, which unlocks ten free spins if achieved. The slot also has some wild symbols in the form of books. There are several bonus symbols which include a falcon and an obelisk. Pharaoh Ramses is the main symbol here and can unlock a world full of treasures if achieved. Other additional symbols include a flower and a black cat.

Flipping a coin

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The game also has a flip a coin feature which allows the player to have a 50/50 chance in the game. In the course of the game there is a flashing pyramid light. By clicking on it, the player will be lucky depending on when the light will stop. If the player is lucky, they get a golden chance to continue climbing up the pyramid. If not, it is a big loss. This is where most players get it wrong by becoming too ambitious.

This slot is fairly simple with some good graphics and great design. The setting is also exquisite with the ancient ambience adding to the thrill. It proceeds with some really cool Egyptian sounds which can be turned on or off. The game requires some bit of composure on the part of the player. Being steady and taking your time can really give back some great rewards.

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