Highlighted: Casumo Reel Races

Highlighted: Casumo Reel Races

Anybody who’s ever played on Casumo casino will have come across the term Reel Races. The events have a legendary status on the site and are among the most popular features in online casinos around the world. Since their inception a few years ago, thousands of players have managed to win some nice bonus cash from the races. And quite a few players have been even luckier and managed to win one of the special races that usually pay out 4-figure sums to the winner.

In order to celebrate these amazing creations, today we will celebrate the history of the Casumo Reel Races. We’ll look at some numbers and highlights and will give you greater insight into how exactly the races work.


Some Stats about the Reel Races

Casumo recently released some stunning facts about the history of the Reel Races so far. Here they are:

  • There have been a total of 42,324 Reel Races so far.
  • More than €6 million in cash prizes have been awarded to date.
  • Over 300 million spins have been spun in those 42,324 Reel Races.

Those numbers are truly astonishing. The prize money alone shows just how committed Casumo is to staying the best online casino in the business. By giving away such ridiculous sums of money to its players for free, the casino ensures that those players stay loyal to the site and keep coming back for more promotions.

Besides offering players a great chance to win some free cash, the Reel Races can also be a ton of fun. Racing all other players on the site is an exhilarating experience. Of course, winning against all those players is a different experience altogether.

Book of Dead Casumo


How Do the Races Work?

While every experienced Casumo player will be familiar with the races, there are still plenty of players who are just starting out on the site and don’t know what this is all about. Here is how the Reel Races work:

Reel Races are basically tournaments for video slots. The events can only be found on Casumo and are running around the clock, every day of the week. Every 30 minutes, one of the races starts at a specific video slot. After the start of the race, every player with an account on the site can participate and give himself a shot at one of the prices.

The normal Reel Races have a duration of 30 minutes and smaller prices like free spins, deposit bonuses and the like. They are running every 30 minutes, 24/7.

Then there is a daily main event which has a much bigger prize, with a handsome €/£ 2,000 cash prize for first place. The daily main event always starts at 20:00 CET and also lasts for 30 minutes. To see the schedule for the Reel Race main events, players simply have to log into their Casumo accounts and click on the Reel Races box.

Since one big Reel Race per day isn’t enough, there are also a few so-called promoted Reel Races every week. These are basically additional main events which usually also pay out €/£ 2,000 for first, although some of them have been known to boast even bigger prizes, at times up to €/£ 5k or €/£ 10k! We publish the schedule for the promoted Reel Races every Monday for you here, so make sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss any of the action.   


How can you win a Reel Race?

The goal of the Reel Races is to rack up more points than anyone else by winning as many spins as possible. Players receive points every time they win a spin at the slot and at the end of the race, the player with the most points wins. However, that is not all: Players can also trigger different types of point boosters during the race. These boosters will greatly increase their chances of winning.

The best strategy for winning a Reel Race is therefore to spin really fast and try to win as many spins as possible within the duration of the race. This is the only way you can beat all those other Casumo players who will also try their hardest to rack up points.

To play the Reel Races, you can either use the Casumo desktop client or the fantastic mobile app, where you will be able to see the leaderboard for each race. Here you’ll get real-time updates on your rank in the race as well as your points total and your remaining spins.

We wish you good luck in the races and we hope you can manage to take one down soon!

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Promoted Reel Races this Week

As promised, this is where we post the schedule for the upcoming promoted Reel Races this week. There will be four of them over the next seven days, each with a main prize of €/£ 2,000 for the winner. Good luck!

Epic Joker Casumo

Here are the promoted Reel Races for this week:

When: Tuesday 13th of November
Time: 20:00 CET
Game: Epic Joker – Relax Gaming
Prize: €/£2,000 for the winner

When: Wednesday 14th of November
Time: 22:00 CET
Game: Epic Joker – Relax Gaming
Prize: €/£2,000 for the winner

When: Friday 16th of November
Time: 20:00 CET
Game: Tiger’s Glory – Quickspin
Prize: €/£2,000 for the winner

When: Saturday 17th of November
Time: 20:00 CET
Game: Tiger’s Glory – Quickspin
Prize: €/£2,000 for the winner

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Sunday Races on the 18th of November

One thing we forgot to mention is that there is another type of Reel Race. They are called the Sunday Races and they are 6 special Reel Races that all happen on Sunday evening between 6pm and midnight CET. Every hour, one of the races will start on the slots below.

There are two differences between the Sunday Races and the promoted Reel Races: The Sunday Races each last for 1 hour and usually have a main prize of €/£ 1,000. Since there are 6 of them however, you can always try your luck again straight away if you miss out on a win.

Here are the Sunday Races for this week:

When: Sunday, 18th of November

Prize: €/£ 1,000 or 2,000 for the winner

Times (CET) and Games:

18:00: Donuts
19:00: Fat Rabbit
20:00: Dragon Maiden | €/£2,000
21:00: Jaguar Temple
22:00: Wild Toro
23:00: Reactoonz

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New Games on Casumo This Week

Last but not least, here is the list of new games to hit Casumo shelves this week. There will be 8 games added in total, 7 of which are brand new. Looking at the developers, there should be some cracking games in there, since most of the heavyweights in the industry are launching new slots.

Here is the list of new titles:

Tiger’s Glory | Quickspin | NEW
Wild Country | Greentube | NEW
Monkey God | Kalamba Gaming | NEW
Gorilla Chief 2 | Williams |  
Dragon Maiden | Play’nGO | NEW
Nitro Circus | Yggdrasil | NEW
Triple Dragons | Pragmatic | NEW
Jack In A Pot | Red Tiger | NEW 


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