Casumo LogoFew games are as popular as slots, and few places are better to play than on Casumo slots.

It’s odd to think that these games were once seen as the perfect side game for bored housewives that went along to the casino with their husbands. Today husbands, wives and singles adore these games that are based on the simple concept of matching symbols on spinning reels.

The Casumo slots are modern and exciting, and they come with some of the biggest jackpots to be found online. You can get started in no time and if you are lucky, one spin could change your life!

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Casumo slots for all budgets

Casumo SlotOne of the great advantages of slots is that you can play with very small bets and yet still stand a chance of winning a lot of money. Many slot machines allow you to place bets as low as 0.01 so with a bet smaller than a euro you get to play for longer with less.

High rollers will also see the charm with slot machines that let you bet much bigger sums. The more you bet the more you can win as the prize will be multiplied by your bet.

At Casumo there are hundreds of slots. Some of these are really good choices for players who prefer to play it easy and spend very small amounts on the games. Some are better suited for the high rollers looking to bet a lot and win a lot.

There are also plenty of games that fit a variety of casino budgets. You adjust your bet and play according to the money you are willing to lose, yes lose. When it comes to casino gaming one should always expect to lose and never put in money thinking that you’ll definitely come out the big winner

At Casumo Casino it is very safe to play and you will see that most games are built in a way that makes it quite hard for you to lose control. You should definitely be smart and decide on your casino budget before you play, then stick to it.

This way your gaming will remain fun and relaxed no matter how much you win on the Casumo games.

Find the theme you like the most

There are so many themes for slots and you will find most of these at Casumo. If you are looking for Casumo bingo you should try out Bruno Bingo which is a really cute slot game with bingo and a bear as the theme.

Sometimes we know exactly what game we feel like. The Sweet Child O Mine tune is already playing in your head when you type in your Casumo slot login and get ready to spin the Guns n Roses slot. You won’t be looking for anything else that day!

But there are days when you might be open to new themes. A good piece of advice is to go for themes that you know you enjoy. At Casumo Casino you will find slots with:

  • Musical themes
  • Movie themes
  • Cartoon themes
  • Fantasy themes
  • Sport themes
  • Story themes
  • Horror themes

The list goes on and on. Slot producers are masters at creating special themes with graphics, animations and sounds that give you a gaming experience that is about so much more than simply the chance to win money.

By cooperating with movie producers, bands and other entertainment creators they can deliver the slots we love the most. It doesn’t matter if your favorite is Michael Jackson or Family Guy, you will find the slot that brings your favourite characters to your screen.

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Play for free to learn the rules

Casumo Slots Cherry

Slot rules aren’t very complicated but each machine can have its own set of rules when it comes to bets and the possibility of winning the jackpots. Using Casumo slots free play you can practice and learn more about a game in a relaxed way.

There are actually two modes of free play. One is the demo version. These demo versions are slot games that you can usually access without even being a member of the casino. You can simply click on the slot and then play for fun.

You will be able to set an amount of coins and play them, but you won’t win for real.

In the demo version you will find out how the game is set up and which symbols trigger what. If the game has free spins and bonus games you will see how you can access these. Playing for free is a lot of fun and you can click around freely. Have a look at the paylines to learn more about how you can create winning combinations across the reels.

Something that you must bear in mind is that it is much easier to win on the free slots.

This isn’t because they are set up differently than the ones you play on for real. It’s just that when you  play with an unlimited amount of rounds without any cost, then you simply keep on playing, and so you keep on winning.

You don’t even think about how many times you’ve hit that spin button.

This makes it feel as if it is easier to win. Just as it would if you had an unlimited slot budget and could play spin after spin without any worries for what this would cost you.

Many players get the feeling that the free games were easier to win on and they get disappointed when they don’t get the same experience once they start betting with money.

This is normal but remember that it is only because you could click without any cost on the demo version. You actually have the same winning chances once you play for real.

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Use Casumo free spins to play more

The other mode of free play is to use free spins. If you want to increase your chances of winning on the Casumo slots you should make use of free spins and other bonuses that let you play for free but win for real. You could get a few spins as a welcome bonus or perhaps we rewarded with them through the unique player program, in the form of valuables and challenges. Once you win, the money you get is usually bonus money and therefore it will be best used on new games. That is how free slots games at Casumo Casino can lead to even more free games.

But the free spins on slot machines are not only about the chance to win more money. With these rounds you will also get more time on the games. Spinning reels on great casino slots is good entertainment. You get music, sound effects, surprises, animations and more. Free rounds means more entertainment for you and therefore it makes a lot of sense to use the free spins.

Casumo bonuses for slots are also meant to introduce you to games that you might have missed if it wasn’t for the free spins or free money. It is easy to get stuck on one particular game and skip everything else.

But when you get a chance to try for free it’s a great opportunity to try something new. Leave your favourite games for a moment and see what the new game has to offer.

Free spins and other casino bonuses are often great incentives for finding new favourites and for getting a better overall gambling experience in the casino.

Win big money on progressive slots

Casumo challenge pirates map

You can win a lot of money on slots, it happens every day. Players cash out some huge amounts of money that they’ve won on the Casumo slots. If you are looking for the biggest wins you should focus on the progressive games. Not that these are known for paying out giant sums daily, on the contrary, progressive games will only explode every once in a while, but when they do it gets crazily exciting.

Progressives like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have become world famous, with payouts that have hit records. New records will be set because these games, and others, are constantly building up bigger and bigger jackpots.

Each player that bets on a progressive slot will have a part of his bet contributed to a big collected jackpot.

The games in different casinos are connected through a progressive network but there are also local jackpots that will be built solely by the players that are active in that one casino.

To win the millions on Casumo jackpot slots you need to be very lucky. In most cases it means that you need to get 5 symbols in a row on an active payline.

Or it could be that you have to reach a bonus game which happens sporadically and has nothing to do with how much you bet on the game.

Pure luck in other words!

Casumo’s game collection includes some of the very best progressive slots and therefore you will always have the chance to win the big money.

Take it!

Every year casino players hit the news when they win many millions on these games. Even if you don’t hit the millions you still have the chance to win big sums of money and that creates excitement which is also a lot of fun.

An important piece of advice is to learn the rules for the progressive jackpots.

If you must bet the maximum amount on the game in order to have a right to the biggest jackpot you don’t want to miss this. Some games are also made to give players who bet more, a greater chance of winning, which is important to be aware of when you get ready to spin the reels.

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Casumo slots

Slot strategies

There are strategies when it comes to slots, and you can learn more about how you can increase the fun with the games by betting correctly and choosing the themes that you really enjoy.

There can never be any guarantees for winning on slots so any strategy that claims to do so is not real.

Stay away from anything that promises you money on Casumo slots! What you really want to do is increase your winning chances.

There are several ways to increase your chances of winning. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Bet maximum when you can to win more when you do actually win
  • Choose slots with high RTP, return to player percentage
  • Use bonuses whenever possible
  • Choose games with special effects such as wilds and scatters
  • Pick progressive games that haven’t paid out for a while

You will also start to form your own strategies as you learn more about slots. Since these games are mostly about entertainment you must not forget to focus on this. Never pick games with themes that don’t excite you. There is absolutely no reason to play on a slot machine that bores you.

There are plenty of other games with the same amount, or even more, ready to be won in their jackpots.

Money management is part of every slot strategy. You must make sure that the money you put on the Casumo slots is money you can part with.

Never bet with money you need to pay your bills! Have a look at payment options such as e-wallets to better stay on top of your slots budget. Remember to set some of your winnings aside while using some of it for new bets and more entertainment at Casumo casino.

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Understand RTP and choose the best game

When you pick out a Casumo slot game to play, themes and set up will be a big part of your decision, however, there is something to looking at the RTP. RTP stands for Return to Player percentage. Each machine is set to pay out a certain percentage of the bets made on it.

A machine with a RTP of 96 % will pay out 96 euro for each 100 euro bet on it. A higher RTP means that the machine will pay out more.

What is important to remember here is that there is nothing saying that you will get 96 euro back for every 100 euro that you spend on the machine.

Those 96 euro could go to someone else who might just have put 2 euro on his game.

But the fact that the machine is programmed to pay out more is a good one to pay attention to. Today you can find slots that come close to 100 % in payouts. This means that the players get more back from it.

To choose the best slot game you should have a look at the RTP. Anything above 95 % can be seen as good.

But you should know that there are also machines with lower RTP that are also considered to be great choices. If you can win more on one game when luck strikes, you might want to pick that one rather than another one with a higher RTP.

It takes some practice and experience to understand how to choose correctly. With time, you will come to realise just what type of slots you enjoy the most. People also have their own lucky games that seem to work better for them. This is nothing you can prove with science but rather a gut feeling that you can choose to follow or ignore.

Play Casumo slots on Mobile

Don’t miss out on the Casumo mobile slots that are available on your smartphone or tablet. Available on all mobile systems such as iOS, Windows and Android you can play directly in the browser on the phone.

You get immediate access to the latest slots from the best game developers. Even progressive games with millions in the jackpot are accessible through the smaller screens.

At Casumo Casino you can win plenty of points and other perks by playing a lot. Your bets on the mobile count towards your points and therefore they will add to your advancement in the player program your Casumo adventure.

Throughout your adventure you’ll get valuables. When these valuables are free spins on cool slots, you can enjoy them just as much on the go on your mobile devices.

Casumo don’t brand themselves as a mobile casino but they are a good choice for slot lovers that want to spin the reels on phones and tablets. With so many choices and great slot bonuses, Casumo is absolutely a good pick for the road.

Login to Casumo using the same details that you use on your computer and continue the gaming adventure whenever you are in the mood for it.

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Try out new games

Casumo Bonus online

With slots there is a lot of excitement when it comes to new launches. When a new Netent slot or Microgaming slot hits the scene, people are standing in line to try them out. Well, not at Casumo Casino where you get immediate access to the latest games.

Here you don’t have to wait your turn when it comes to the latest launch. Just click on the new game and try it out for free or with real bets.

Casumo slots that are just launched also often come with special bonuses that let you try them out without any risk to your bankroll.

Keep an eye on the casino newsletters to see what is coming up.

Members of Casumo get to know in advance when new slot launches are on the way. Make sure the newsletters don’t end up in your spam folder and take the time to read them.

You’re also most likely to be made aware of new cool slots on your member page where new bonuses and challenges are constantly introduced, so keep an eye on this page and the risk that you will miss the Casumo best slot games is minimal.

Casumo slots dictionary

Slots lingo is usually pretty much self-explanatory but here are some phrases that can be good to know when you want to get going with Casumo slots.

Reel Races – These are slot tournaments that Casumo Casino offers daily. Compete with others playing on the slots offered for each race.

Valuables – Casumo bonuses sometimes come in the form of valuables that you can unlock by clicking on them. A valuable can be a certain amount of free rounds on a slot game.

Bet Max – Most slots have Bet Max buttons. Click on this and make the biggest possible bet on the round coming up next.

Coins and coin size – You will bet with a certain amount of coins and you can set the coin size using the buttons located under the reels on the slot machine.

Cold and hot slots – Cold slots are games that haven’t made a payout for quite some time while the hot ones are spitting out winnings as we speak.

Free spins – These are bonus rounds on the machine. They can also be free rounds that the casino gives you to play on the slot with.

Jackpot – The jackpot is the top prize of the slot machine.

Line bet – A slot machine can have many paylines to activate. A line bet is one active payline. If you make a Max Bet, all the paylines in the slot will be activated and you get maximum winning chances on it.

Multiplier – Slots with multiplier features can multiply winnings a certain amount of times. It can even be hundreds of times. Multipliers are usually found in bonus rounds but can also be part of the regular settings.

RNG – This is a Random Number Generator, in essence a computer program that will make sure that the slot results are totally random and not predictable in any way.

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