You don’t have to get into a tuxedo or evening gown to enjoy fast paced casino games. All you need to do is log into your Casumo Casino account and head for the live games. Casumo live casino is a great choice for players that want to have a social experience around blackjack and roulette tables without having to visit an actual land based casino. This is the only live casino online that you need, with professional dealers and new games starting all the time.


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A modern live casino experience

Since Casumo launched in 2012, live games have become the norm and it is wonderful to see how this casino manages to stay on top of things. They offer top of the line live games. No matter if you are looking for live casino UK or want American style table games you will enjoy the live experience at Casumo.

To start playing you just need to click onto to the live game that you are interested in. The Casumo live casino games are developed specifically to make it easy to understand how to play. Already, before you click on the game you can see how many spots are left around the table. Therefore you will never click in only to find out that there is no space which is nice.

The games are recorded and sent out by live stream in HD from a casino studio. There are many special features that you can benefit from and one of them is the clarity of the layout. No matter if you are a beginner player or a seasoned casino gambler this will make your live experience smoother. The dealer can be heard properly through your computer or mobile speakers. So you will hear clearly how the game is progressing.

You will also get messages by text which makes it even easier to follow the game. This way you won’t miss any bets and you can also get updates to remind you what happened a moment ago. This is something that makes the Casumo Casino live games even better than the regular table games found in brick and mortar casinos!

During the game you can chat with the dealer or croupier using the live chat function. This is great when you have a question regarding the rules and game play. You might wonder which type of bets you can make in live roulette or live baccarat and the casino host by the table will immediately answer you. This leads to easier game rounds but also adds that human touch which makes it a lot more fun to play.

Casumo live games

Become a better player at the live casino tables

It is only natural that you want to win. Games like live blackjack do demand some strategy for better results and you will have to practice well to master the game. You won’t be able to practice for free on the actual live games but Casumo has plenty of regular versions where you can play in demo mode or use a bonus to play for free. This is recommended because you do need to stay on top of the rules of the games to play them right. When you understand how to place your bets you will enjoy the live games at Casumo Casino so much more.

Roulette games can be played without any specific strategy but you might want to learn more about the odds so that you pick the bets that are easier to win with or the bets that you can win more with if you are lucky. Blackjack is harder to master without understanding strategy. You will find free strategy cards online. These show you the best moves based on the cards you get and the card that the dealer is showing.

One thing you need to think about is that the live casino games have a fast pace. If you want to play them with strategy, keeping an eye on a strategy card, you must be able to do so fast. This is another reason why it is so beneficial to practice on the regular table games at Casumo where you can sit and think and play at your own pace.

Having said this, it is also perfectly fine to jump into the live games without any specific tactic. You don’t have to be a pro from the start. This is a fun way to enjoy classic casino games and you will enjoy the pace and the conversations even if you don’t win the big money on the games. In fact, just playing a lot is enough for many to master the games and develop the skills needed to play the cards properly.

Really smart software for better games

Smooth streaming and clear layout is great, but there is more to the Casumo live dealer games. In fact, the games are run by software that comes with essential statistics that you can use to get a better gaming experience around the tables. In blackjack games you see the last ten hands of the dealer. This is shown together with information of how many Blackjacks (21 points) were achieved as well as how many times a player won and how many times the dealer won. All of this information gives you a great indication of what is going on at a specific table. You can use it for your own personal strategy.

Using the statistics you can decide if a live blackjack table is hot or not. What you do with this information depends on your strategy. Some players believe that hot tables are the best choices and hope to ride on a wave of player wins while others prefer cold tables thinking they will soon switch into hot mode.

The software used for the live games ensures that you get that live feeling. Communication with the person leading the game is easy and fun. You can even talk to other players around the table using the chat. If your computer or mobile is of high quality you will get the best live casino experience possible and you will most likely return over and over again for some more action.

Getting to know the live dealers

Casumo puts a lot of effort into their relationship with players that are active on the site. The Casumo live dealer casino is no exception. You will appreciate the croupiers and dealers that have such a nice, friendly attitude. They are also very professional and lead the games in a knowledgeable way. When you are a new player you will feel very welcome and your questions are met with polite and friendly answers. As you start to frequent a specific table more often, the dealer will get to know you. He or she might ask you about your day and this makes all the difference. You become a real person, not just an avatar on a gambling site.

This personal touch is pretty unique to Casumo Casino and it is very important to make these live games feel truly live. You will also get to know other players around the table and it has happened many times that people have met in live casino games and  then gone on to become real life friends so it is the real deal so to speak.

Live Casino Casumo

Use the chat feature correctly

Even if you can hear the dealer talk by the table, it is the live chat that is being used for communication. This is where you can ask questions. Just like you need to learn the rules for the live casino games you must understand how to behave properly in the chat. You can talk freely with the dealer and other players and this means that you can really say anything that you want to say. But it is not really the done thing, to get too relaxed and personal in the chat. Even if you feel that you starting to get to know the dealer and the other players, you must understand that this is not a forum for dating. Stick to talk about the game and enjoy the friendships that evolve naturally when you share your interest with like-minded people.

You should also steer clear of any attempts at cheating. You can share information with other players but if you do this and it is regarded as cheating you could be banned from the casino altogether. Asking the dealer about rules is one thing but trying to get ahead by sharing information is another. If you are not sure if a certain type of question is okay to ask, check it out before you do!

Last but not least you must stay polite in the live chat. Losing a game might be hard but it is no reason to use foul language or claim that others did not deserve to win. If a player uses bad languages and behaves poorly he or she can be kicked out of the live casino so make sure that you stay pleasant no matter what!

casumo live casino mobile

Play live casino games on your mobile

You will find live casino games at Casumo from game developers such as Netent and Evolution. This means that you can play live on your mobile phone or tablet. After logging in from your mobile device you can move on to the live games and click on them. You will get a layout that works well on a smaller screen and you play with the same rules as on your computer. A live casino game can be played out very fast so it might indeed be the perfect choice when you have a break at work or have to wait for someone.

Just keep in mind that the quality of your mobile device will influence the quality of the Casumo live casino. The latest versions of smartphones are great for online gaming since they come with enhanced  graphics and sound. Older phones might not be as well suited for this type of game.

Live games are also for beginners

Even if you aren’t offered live casino no deposit bonuses or similar treats to play for free in the live casino it is still easy enough for beginner players to get to grips with. Casumo live casino is well adjusted for beginners and also attracts professional players. You don’t have to know everything about live games to understand how to get started. Just follow the instructions and give it a try.

If you are a beginner blackjack or roulette player it can be especially beneficial to play live. You can ask the dealer questions, and since the games move along fast you get to play many games in a short time period. This gives you more practice, and practice makes perfect! Be honest with yourself and make sure that your time at the live tables is enjoyable. If you need to practice on free demo versions a bit more you should do so. This can easily be done at Casumo where you will find such a great variety of table games.

Live Casino

Fair results that can’t be tampered with

When you play live casino games you get the impression that the dealer is running the show. How can you know that this person is not messing with the cards or slowing down the roulette wheel to get a specific number? They can’t! Casumo uses software to control the live games and this means that the dealer or croupier has no influence on the actual results. It is the random number generator, the RNG, that will decide which cards are dealt or which number the roulette ball will land on.

You will never have to worry about cheating dealers cooperating with other players or suchlike. This is simply not possible thanks to the setup of the live casino. If you lose this is due to poor luck or the fact that you didn’t play your cards right. This is exactly the same as when you play on the regular games in the casino.


A great choice for high rollers

Beginner players can enjoy the Casumo live casino that is safe and easy to get started with but it’s also well suited to high rollers that are ready to put a lot on the line from the start. The VIP tables are especially well suited for high rollers that are looking to bet more and win more. There are tables where it is possible to bet with hundreds of dollars and more at once. This is also why Casumo is often recommended casino to players that are looking for this type of action.

While it is nice to see that high rollers get great opportunities for big bets we think it is important to note that Casumo Casino always encourage their members to play responsibly. Just because you can bet a lot of money on a game doesn’t mean that you should. Anyone that wants to bet big must have a casino budget that supports this. Casumo is a safe casino where you will feel welcome and comfortable around the live tables. Make sure to pick the table that is best suited to your particular budget in order to get the most out of the live casino experience.

Live casino bonuses

It is well known that Casumo Casino is one of the best choices for casino bonuses. You need to keep an eye on the rules for the bonuses offered. Not all of them are live casino bonuses and this is something to be aware of. Even if you could use the bonus money on live roulette it is not always possible to meet the wagering requirements on this game, in which case the bonus is not as effective as on other games.

By keeping an eye on the casino newsletter you will know when something special for the live casino games becomes relevant. There can be combinations of live games and regular casino games such as events where you play live roulette and win more rounds on a specific slot machine. This can be a lot of fun and can also lead to more winnings in the casino.


Can everyone play on the Casumo live casino games?

All members at Casumo Casino can play the live games freely. Of course, this is subject to good behavior and you must stick to the rules of the live casino games. The live casino games are a part of the casino platform and therefore you will not need to download a special application to play. This applies to both your PC and your mobile device. All you have to do is click on the live game you want to play on, find a seat and start the fun.

You place your bet, and if you win, the money will be sent automatically to your casino account. This is exactly as the same as when you play on other games at Casumo. For players that haven’t tried live roulette, blackjack, baccarat or other games yet, this is the casino to go for. It is safe, fair and comes with a layout that makes it possible for anyone to get going with the action packed games that are so much fun.

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