At Casumo you can play the best casino games on the market and if you are lucky you can win loads of money too!

But Casumo is unlike any other online casino – of course you’ve got the fun games and a high chance of winning, you can also challenge yourself with new levels, collect trophies and incentives and you’ll be constantly rewarded with everything from electronics to travel prizes while you are playing!

The Casumo adventure is something that makes bonuses more than just lucrative rewards. Here we take you through the adventure and everything you need to know to get started!

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Casumo Adventure

Casumo – Let the adventure begin!

A sleek, stylish and functional casino site is probably how most people would describe Casumo when they enter the casino for the first time. Add to this the touch of humor that the chubby little Casumo men bring and you’ve got something really special. But, what people don’t know is that beyond the polished surface and cheerful design there is so much more.  What you first see is just the start of an incredible adventure!

Without revealing too much, we will give you a quick guide of the entire Casumo adventure. Take a moment to learn a little bit more about all the amazing features of this special reward system so that you can make the most of it once you are a member of the casino.


Collect points in the Casumo adventure


When you create an account at Casumo your own avatar is born. This is a cute little Casumo man with a belt around his waist. The belt is reminiscent of the type of outfit a sumo wrestler would wear and it comes in different colors. This little figure is instantly likeable, because he is just so cute and he will show you the way up the casino levels to greater gaming experiences.

Casumo adventure

The white belt symbolizes the beginner’s level, the level where all newly hatched Casumo members begin their adventure. One of the features of the special casino adventure at Casumo Casino is that you constantly collect points every time you play!

You can also earn points for other things, such as sharing information on Facebook, logging into your casino account and more. Your points will appear on a bar, or a meter, in the upper left corner. When the points meter is full you will move on to the next level.

The rewards get bigger and better with each new level. This makes the Casumo adventure more and more fun with every day you play! If you continue playing, you will eventually get to a new level again and be rewarded with even better things. As a player program this is twofold. On the one hand you will find that your loyalty and your bets will give you special perks, on the other the actual adventure adds an additional layer of fun and excitement.


The belt of your Casumo avatar shows the level that you are at. This is a very innovative way of helping you keep track of your position in the loyalty program that the Casumo adventure offers. 

There are six different belts in all.

The first one is white, this is followed by yellow, red, blue, purple and black. The better belt you have when you get to a new level, the better and more valuable rewards you will find on your personal reward page. If you play a lot, it will not take long until you get a new, better belt.

You could say that the belts function as an incentive to play more since you will soon realize just how powerful it can be to move up to the next color. The new bonuses waiting for you at the next level are attractive and they do make a difference. You can also see this from the many comments that active Casumo players make about the trophies and valuables that they receive.

Collect Your Bonus Now!

T&Cs Apply

Get rewarded while you are playing


You will have your own personal adventure page where you can see the special gifts that you’ve been given from the casino. Valuables and trophies are presented in a clear way so that you can instantly see which can be of use to you immediately.

The trophies are just that, show offs that reminds you of your own achievements in the casino. They are the proof of your hard work, or should that be hard play? If you want to showcase your conquests to other Casumos you can do so. But some say this is a tad over the top and maybe too much like bragging.

So you also have the option to remain anonymous with your trophies and just enjoy them by yourself. But remember, when you are busy playing casino reel races and taking part in other competitions, showing off trophies can be similar to flexing your Casumo muscles and add an extra dimension of fun to the games. The choice is yours!


Valuables have, just like the name suggests, a more functional structure than trophies. This is a kind of reward that will help you win more money when luck is on your side. Valuables add a lot of value to your gaming experience. They can give you more money to play for, free spins, deposit bonuses or other rewards that give you more time to play for free.

Valuables appear as symbols on your adventure page. By holding your mouse over a valuable you will see what you will get if you use it, and to use it you just click on it. As soon as you use it, it disappears from your adventure page automatically. This way you won’t get confused and try to use old rewards over and over again. The system is really smart and makes it easy for you to keep track of the bonuses you still have access to.

You don’t have to accept every valuable. You can always skip one and look forward to the next. They keep on coming so it won’t be long until you get an offer for a game or a type of bonus that you really enjoy.

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