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Casumo Bonus

Casumo bonus give you everything you need to know about bonuses and other deals at Casumo - the world's first casino adventure!

Welcome to Casumo Bonus! Here you will find everything you need to know about Casumo - the world’s first online casino adventure.

Learn about the best bonuses, Casumo Casino rewards, and get unique offers only available through With the special offers available daily at this amazing casino you can propel your gaming to levels you've never even dreamt of!

Read about current offers and learn all about how the bonuses at Casumo works. What welcome bonus do you get? What bonus rules apply and how do you collect points in the casino adventure?


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About Casumo Bonus

At Casumo bonus we give you all the information you need about bonuses and other deals at Casumo Casino - the world's first casino adventure!

Read about current offers and learn all about how the bonuses at Casumo work. What welcome bonus do you get as a new player? What rules apply to the bonuses? How do you collect points in the casino adventure?

There are many Casumo rewards and in general they are very easy to understand. All you need to do is become a member for free and then start your own personal journey of fun, fun and some more fun!

Bonus Casumo casino

What is a bonus?

Bonuses can be described as extra money that extends that increase your chances of winning. At Casumo you can get bonus in many different ways - when you deposit money, when you level up, or when you log in, to name a few. How big your bonus is can vary, but just like in any other online casino you need to wager the bonus amount a few times before you can withdraw the bonus money (usually 25 times but for free spins it is 30 times).

Most players are aware that online casinos compete with other each other for your attention when it comes to casino bonuses. You are most likely aware that casino bonuses give you more money to play with for free or free rounds on popular games. However, Casumo Casino changes the concept of bonuses completely! Casumo bonuses are unique and very attractive. They are not just about getting more money or more rounds, they are carefully made to create more excitement and a sense of adventure.

You will most likely find that your idea of what a bonus is will change once you play at this casino. Indeed, since the launch of Casumo in 2012 we have seen many copycats. Other casino operators understood that the idea of making more out of the offers is here to stay. This is why new casinos often have similar programs, but none of them can beat the original!

Through the special adventure at Casumo you will collect points, move up the levels, get free spins, compete in casino races and do many other cool things.


The more you play the better the bonuses are!

You can certainly look for a Casumo coupon code to get a better bonus but don’t worry, this site invests most in its regular players. Once you are a member the good stuff starts coming. As long as you keep an eye on your personal casino page you won't miss out on any good deals.

You might find a Casumo no deposit bonus where you get free spins and other perks without investing your own money in the deal. The casino also offers bonuses without wagering requirements which means that you will get your winnings without having to wager a certain amount of money first. These types of offers are usually reserved for loyal players. It pays to be a loyal member at this casino because the more you play the better offers you get.

A bonus at this casino is all about the fun it gives you. You'll get more rounds on attractive games and increase your winning chances. It also engages you in the players’ program which is something else and is very exciting. You will have to try it to truly understand the depth of the Casumo promotions but we warn you, you might never again want to play at a different casino as you get used to the high standards and constant gifts.

Keep an eye on your own Casumo man and his belt to see which level you are at. As you advance in points and levels you will get a new color belt. Black is the highest level and that means you'll get the best rewards.


Collect points and get rewarded while playing!

Casumo is more than just a casino and bonuses works in a slightly different way than what many players are used to. Here you collect valuables and trophies, get points that take you to new levels and can be rewarded with everything from free spins and money to travels and electronics while you play! Casumo takes the gaming experience to a whole new level, and the goal is to create the best possible gaming experience online.

As you play on your favorite games you will collect points. In fact, you can collect points simply for logging into your account. Casumo is a generous casino and players are rewarded with valuables and trophies at an amazing pace. The valuables could entail bonus money, trips, gadgets as well as free spins on selected games. Hover your mouse over the valuable on your personal Casumo page to see what it contains. If you want the goody, you can click on the valuable and then move on to some awesome Casumo free play!

Casumo innovation that takes your gaming to new levels

It is obvious that Casumo understands the need for clever bonus offers. A Casumo bonus is very innovative. There is a plan in place that takes into account your preferences and also your need for variation and stimulation. The actual bonus is an attraction in itself. It is not just a plain reward. Take the Casumo reel race as an example. Here you will bet on the slots you like the most. You can win on the slot as usual but you can also win more by being the best player in the race. A leader board will show you who is in the lead. If that is you it gets very exciting!

You are in a race, you enjoy the best games and you stand the chance to win more. This is the type of bonus that makes you want to come back for more. Reel races are really a type of slot tournament and they start all the time so you can join as soon as you get a chance to relax with some casino gaming.

There is always something new to look forward to. This really is quite different from most other online casinos where the welcome bonus might be the only benefit you get. At Casumo there is often something new on daily basis. Consider that you can collect points for logging in, that’s a bonus right there. You feel welcome and appreciated even as you turn into a seasoned member.

Regardless of your level you can look forward to special prizes and offers such as:

  • New deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Bonuses without wagering requirements
  • Casino races
  • Lotteries where you can win gadgets, trips and more..


Don’t miss out on the casino newsletters that you get from Casumo. They might come with a special Casumo bonus code that you need to use to get a specific offer. It is also good to keep an eye on new exciting events where you get to participate simply because you are a player at the casino.

When new games are introduced, you are often rewarded with the chance to try them out for free. This is great because it lets you try out something new without any financial risk. This way you might discover new favorites and also hit new jackpots that you would never have discovered if it wasn’t for the smart Casumo bonus that made you aware of all the opportunities at the casino.

Mobile bonuses

Many players choose to play at Casumo mobile casino, getting all of the action on their smartphones and tablets. This is not a bad choice at all. There are many games available for mobile play and they are of a very high quality. You can click in directly from your mobile’s browser and start the fun.

The bonuses that you would use on a regular desktop are also available on your mobile device. This makes it possible to continue the casino adventure whenever you feel like it. You continue to collect points and move up in level, even when you take a moment during your lunch break to enjoy the casino fun. This is very good and a reason for mobile players to choose Casumo casino when the urge to spin slots, bet on card games or enjoy a live game arises.


You can read more about how to collect points and special rewards here!

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Casumo Bonus

Casumo Casino

Casumo casino offers an unforgettable adventure! The little sumo-like men are pretty funny and once you get into the action at Casumo Casino they will definitely lift your spirits with bonuses and special attractions. This is a site that offers safe and fair gaming and a system that presents gamers with an unforgettable adventure. Take a chance to win cash, more cash, bonuses and special treats that will give you that boost that you so sorely need.

Get going at Casumo casino

The ease of becoming a member at Casumo gives us an indication of the smooth gambling experience they offer. It doesn’t cost you a dime to become a member. You provide the casino with a few details such as your name and email address and you'll create a login name and password, just make sure it's something you'll remember. Once you have your Casumo login ready, you can play on your computer as well as on your mobile phone. The games are waiting for you with big jackpots and exciting entertainment.

Becoming a member takes a few minutes and all you have to remember is to create a login that you won’t forget. Also make sure to give an email address that you check regularly and that is easily accessible from your mobile. If you give an email address that you hardly ever use, you run the risk of missing out on news that the casino sends in regular newsletters. For this reason you should also check that your email spam filter will not filter out information from Casumo.

It is absolutely safe to become a player at Casumo, whether you are a Casumo UK player or if you live in another country accepted by the casino. This is a site with legal games using encryption technology to keep every player safe from fraud. You can rest assure that your login details will not end up in the hands of anyone else. The fact is that the technology used by this casino can be compared with those used by major banks which is good to know.

If you want to try out games before you become a member then this is possible. There are demo versions that won’t cost you anything to play and that let you explore the themes available in the casino. As long as you are fine playing without winning for real this can be quite entertaining. Once you become a member and make a deposit you can continue to play for free using the smart bonuses given to new players.


Collect points to get more from your Casumo experience

With your Casumo account comes a Casumo avatar. This is a little figure that might make you think of a sumo wrestler but a rather cute one. Your Casumo avatar has a belt around his chubby tummy and this belt will become relevant as we shall explain shortly. As you play on the site you will collect points. This is a system made to reward returning players in a most unique way. The more you play, the more points you get, and the better the offers that you receive for free from the casino.

It is easy enough to keep track of the points collected with the help of a meter that is located in the left corner of your gaming screen. Once you fill the meter it is time to move on to the next level where you will have a new meter to fill up and then move up. This is a smart way to create a loyalty program that is engaging and makes it easy to see what type of bonuses you could get.

As you will see in every Casumo casino review, this point system is something quite unique. Considering that it was launched together with the casino site back in 2012 it is really one of the first casinos to use a different concept for rewards for returning players. Today many new casinos model their player programs on the Casumo concept as it works so well.

Each level in the program has special gifts. It can be free money to play with as well as free spins. The gifts get better the higher you climb which is pure logic. Thereby players who invest more in their Casumo adventure get the better deals.


Casino Bonus

The Casumo belts

There are six different belts and these indicate the level of your Casumo avatar. It reminds us a bit of martial arts belts, like you'd get with judo or karate which is pretty cool. However, at Casumo you don’t need to sweat or get into physical combat with other players in order to win. The first belt is white and then you can advance to yellow, red, blue, purple and black.

The belt you have will influence the rewards you get on the different levels. The better the belt, the better the reward waiting for you as you advance by filling your point meter. Better belts are achieved by playing a lot. This is yet another feature that will reward loyalty in a very clever way.

Get trophies to show off

You will have your own dedicated Casumo page where you will keep track of your rewards as well as your trophies. You can win trophies by taking on special missions. If you have a lot of trophies you get special respect in the casino. But it is up to you if you want other players to see how many trophies you have collected. You can keep these to yourself if you happen to be a humble soul. But remember that it is quite nice to see what trophies other players have managed to get. It can be an inspiration and also make you want to go for more rewards and an even better gaming experience.

Valuables will make you enjoy the games even better

The casino also gives you valuables. These are more functional than the trophies. A valuable is a sort of reward that will help you win more money. It could be free spins, a new deposit bonus or perhaps bonus money for free from Casumo. You will see the symbol of a valuable on your private Casumo page. If you hover the mouse over it you'll get more information. If you like what you see, you can click on the symbol and take on the reward which is really a type of bonus.
Win and keep your money!

It isn’t hard to win money at Casumo casino and thanks to proper licensing (both Malta and UK license) you can rest assure that the money is legal. When people ask “Is Casumo safe?” they are usually referring to the money and how fair the site is. Here you will get payouts and you get to keep what you win as long as you follow the rules of bonuses and offers. This is important since you could win big amounts of money with small bets.

The casino is very serious regarding the safety of your money and your data. You will see that they are clear about their terms regarding any offers that you make use of. If you have to wager in order to cash out, this will be stated right from the start. As long as you make sure you understand the conditions you will be able to enjoy your winnings without a problem. Remember to make a good plan for your winnings. Money management is important even when you win smaller sums.

You might want to leave some in your account for new bets while you cash out some of the money you win on the Casumo games. Make up a plan for your casino money and stick to it to make the most of your winnings and gaming experience. And of course, only gamble with money that you can afford to lose!


Get excellent support at Casumo casino

Another strength of Casumo casino is their excellent customer support. The Casumo live chat is a fast way to get answers and you can also send emails. The Casumo support is offered in several languages and this is great for English speakers since it takes the pressure off the English speaking staff. You will usually get fast answers from the person you connect with through the chat but it may be that you are asked to send an email if they find your query too complicated.

Many answers can also be found directly on the casino site. Here they have published the most common questions together with their answers. This is a great place to start if you have a general question. It will save you time. During certain hours the support can be very busy and you might have to wait a minute or two for someone to start chatting with you. If you don’t feel like waiting for your turn you are better off just sending an email!

Casumo casino slot

Casumo dictionary

Avatar – This is your Casumo man character.
Belt – This shows you the skill level of your avatar. There are 6 different belts, i.e. skill levels.
Level – Collect points to climb up the levels and get better rewards.
Points – Casumo gives you points when you play and when you take on special adventures and assignments.
Point meter – You will see your point meter in the left hand corner and it shows you the status of your collected points.
Player card – You have a card which is your personal Casumo page where you get all the information about your Casumo account.
Trophies – Collect trophies for your achievements in the casino.
Valuables – These are rewards such as bonuses, free spins and casino money that help you win more money at Casumo casino.
Casumo Adventure page – This is where your trophies and valuables are collected.

What do players say about Casumo Casino?

A good indication of how good an online casino is, is to read what players say about it. When it comes to Casumo Casino it is clear that they care a lot about their players. No matter what forum you check, you will hear many positive comments about their support. The chat and email work very well and people enjoy getting answers so fast. It doesn’t hurt that the support team is very friendly and happy to help with any type of question.

The games are also greatly appreciated. Casumo Casino collaborates with the best game producers and they offer an exciting collection with something for everyone. This is something frequently mentioned by players that try out the casino. With so many games and constant new launches it never gets boring. Every player can find his own favorites regardless of whether this is a classic version of Blackjack or a specific slot machine. It also helps that some of the jackpots are very big so you have the chance to win big amounts of money if you should be lucky.

Navigation is also something that get a lot of thumbs up. The bonus system is easy to understand and you will see how to play and use the special casino gifts without any special explanation. Once you get into the adventure you will move along in a natural way which is fun and highly enjoyable. Casumo is also known for listening to player comments. They do their best to update sections such as payment methods and other areas in order to meet the demands of their members. This means that the casino is always getting better and that you feel that they truly care about your needs.
Join Casumo Casino today!

If you are looking for a gaming experience that is top notch and something a little bit unusual you should join Casumo. Surf on over to their site and start the adventure today. You will find many treats as you get into the action and you can play whenever you feel like it since the site is fully compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

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Casumo bonus FAQs

Bonuses, wagering-free spins. There's a lot to keep track of! Take a look here and find the answers to all possible questions regarding bonuses available to you!


How do I get my welcome bonus at Casumo?

Once you have created an account and made a deposit you will receive double the amount of what you deposited, up to £300 as a bonus. You will also get 30 wagering-free spins on Book of Dead, the popular slot from Play'n GO.

When do I get bonus at Casumo?

You can get bonuses at Casumo in many different ways, including depositing money, playing your way up to a new level or simply by logging in to your account.

How do I activate my bonus?

When you create an account, a valuable is added to your profile page. To activate the valuable, simply click on it before you make a deposit, then continue with your payment. Once your deposit is made, the bonus is automatically credited to your account. You will also find a new valuable in your account that gives you 30 wagering-free spins at Book of Dead. To activate the free spins, simply click on the valuable. The free spin game will open up automatically.

How can I be sure that the valuable is activated?

When the valuable  is used it disappears from your profile page. On the deposit page, you should see the valuable/badge in the upper right corner to be sure that the valuable has been enabled. No valuable on the deposit page means the bonus is not activated.

I was going to receive a valuable but I cannot see it in my account?

By refreshing the web page the valuable usually pops up automatically. If that doesn’t help, try to log out and log in again or close the browser and start from scratch.

I activated my free spins but the game never started and now the valuable is gone?

If, this for some strange reason happens, you can just navigate to the game on your own and open it manually. You will then be able to see how many free spins you have got at the bottom of the game and then just carry on. If you cannot see the free rounds you may need to refresh the web page.

I levelled up but did not get any bonus. Why is that?

Often you will get a bonus when you level up, but not always. The bonus system takes many different factors into account. If you don’t get a bonus this time, you can almost be certain to get one at the next level as all experience points you accrue is transferred.

Do all games contribute to the wagering requirements?

Most games contribute to the wagering requirements, but not all. Here is a list of how much each game contributes to the wagering requirements:

  • Slots 100%
  • Blackjack (including Pontoon and Double Exposure) 0%
  • Roulette (all varieties) 0%
  • Baccarat (all varieties) 0%
  • Video Poker 30%
  • Punto Banco 0%
  • Oasis Poker 10%
  • TXS Hold'em Poker 10%
  • Casino Hold'em 10%
  • All other games 100%


What are the wagering requirements for my Casumo bonus?

Before you can pick out your bonus money and buy something you really fancy you need to wager it a certain number of times. Usually this is 25 times but for free spins/free rounds it's 30 times and it is the money that you win that you need to wager.

How do I keep track of how much of my bonus I have wagered?

If you are not a big fan of numbers and statistics and don't feel like keeping track yourself - ask the Casumo support through the live chat! Faster, smoother (and maybe even nicer?) than calculating it on your own.



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